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January 18th, 2021

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Hypnotist Course

NHA provides Hypnotist certification training, in-person classes.

NHA program features 100 hours of training in Hypnosis. NHA students attend school three evenings a week plus every other Saturday for supervised practice. This allows students to retain their "traditional jobs" while preparing themselves for a future as a Certified Hypnotist, providing audiences with endless hours of entertainment 

With this knowledge, you'll be able to entertain in  Night Clubs, Casinos, Cruise Ships, and Resorts.

You'll be able to travel to new places, meet new people while bringing joy laughter, and happiness to the world in a unique way. 

Being a Hypnotist, you command a certain respect, while you carry with you a powerful element of mystique

Our Course in Hypnotism allows you to take control of your audience, taking then on a unique ride. An experience they only have with you. While your volunteers will be wished to a place where they will respond to you, and your voice only.

Class I: Hypnosis Application and Execution

What is Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy

Parts of the mind

History of Hypnosis

Myths and Misconceptions of Hypnosis

Responsiveness Exercise

Basic Induction and De-Hypnotizing Techniques

Rapport Building and Client Assessment (Interviewing Skills)

Hypnotic Language and Making Effective Suggestions

Supervised Practicum 

Class 2: Advanced Hypnosis Techniques

Stage Preparation

Using Mass Hypnosis

Mass Responsiveness exercise

Planning the Show 


Advertising and Marketing


Tuition Cost $1,299.00

Application Fee $79.00

Hypnotherapy Manual $80.00

Certificate and Testing $100.00

*Each student who enrolls in our Certification training program with a partner, family member, friend or colleague will receive a discount of $100.00 per enrollee

*10% discount for early registration before Nov. 18th!

*Register a friend or family member and receive an additional 10% discount

For more information and additional discounts please call (1-239-206-5804)

Introduction to Hypnotherapy Seminar:

September 22nd, 2020

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September 22nd, 2020

(Financial Assistance Available)