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Naples Hypnotherapy Academy

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 Exploring The Mysteries of Hypnosis

 Hypnotherapy: A piece of the puzzle

Hypnotherapy is typically a complementary therapy, meaning that it's part of a broader treatment plan. "Hypnosis is often integrated with traditional medical, dental, and psychotherapy treatments," says Dr. Max Shapiro, a psychologist with Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

This is especially true for treating conditions such as anxiety, for example. Dr. Shapiro notes that psychotherapy and antianxiety drugs are still the most effective anxiety treatments, but that hypnosis is worth trying, especially if you are motivated.

"Hypnotherapy may not rid the patient of all anxiety symptoms," he says. "most-times it will reduce the physical discomfort of anxiety disorders, such as muscle tension, unsettled stomach, and rapid breathing. By controlling physical symptoms, you prevent exacerbating the internal anxiousness, then easily arresting or lowering the anxiety"

Pain Relief: Natural and Alternative Remedies Without Drugs or Surgery

Pain Relief: Natural and alternative remedies without drugs or surgery

Pain relief takes many forms. This Special Health Report, Pain Relief: Natural and alternative remedies without drugs or surgery, looks beyond the standard approaches of drugs and surgery and explores alternate pain-relief strategies, from acupuncture and mind-body therapies to chiropractic medicine, physical and occupational therapies, herbal remedies, mindfulness meditation, and music therapy among others. The report also provides specific treatments for 10 common pain conditions.